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This post is really not the ideal first real post for the blog, but the topic has come up several times in various news venues and among colleagues: delivering classroom content without the textbook costs.

I was looking at a history professor’s new Kindle (I’m so jealous), and he was telling me how he had downloaded several texts that are relevant to his current teaching load and that are in the public domain (Common Sense, Federalist Papers, etc).  He had downloaded the texts from Project Gutenberg and transferred them to his Kindle so he can take them to class easily (and for free).  He lamented about what a shame it was that students didn’t have ebook readers, but instead had to print the texts from a website or buy them from the bookstore.



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Hello world!

Welcome to TeachNTech- a blog all about Instructional Technology.

The purpose of this blog is to inform interested parties in happenings in instructional technology in higher education, especially faculty and administrators at Berry College. We will also discuss copyright issues, and other relevant issues regarding higher education.

We will also use this method to keep members of the Berry community updated on workshops, seminars, and developments in Berry’s CIT department.  We want to find the best way to get information to faculty, so please let us know what method you prefer.

Any feedback regarding this blog- criticisms, suggestions, praise- is welcome.

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