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If you have not seen a Hans Rosling presentation, I suggest you immediately go here (TED Talks) and watch one of his videos.

In his videos, he uses Gapminder to display data.  Gapminder software that Rosling wrote with two of his children.  Part of the software, TrendAnalyzer, was bought by Google in 2006.  You can make your own Gapminder display by using the Google Motion gadget.

I used the Google Motion gadget to create the chart below. Note: I had technical issues embedding the working chart, so I just inserted a screen shot instead. The chart actually moves, unfortunately my picture of it does not. 😦

created from Dept. of Education data & Google Motion gadget

created from Dept. of Education data & Google Motion gadget

As a longtime fan of Tufte, the information presented using the software is presented in a way that, I imagine, Tufte would find awesome.  I encourage everyone to take a look and see if it can be used in the classroom to display large amounts of data that change over time (trends).  I can almost guarantee that students will be enthralled by the movement.  Seeing data in action is so much more powerful than just seeing a series of bar graphs.


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